Professional Book Illustration

Are You Looking for book illustrations?

There are 2 types of book illustrations. There are cover illustrations and the interior illustrations.

Illustration works well for both fiction and non-fiction books, on the cover and on the interior. Sci-fi, fantasy, horror, young adult, children’s books, comic books, novels, textbooks and more.

Book Cover Illustration

Book Covers are what help sell a book. Different genres require different types or styles of covers. Book covers also come in design types. Some use stock imagery and others have a customized illustration. Depending on what genre your book falls in and your design budget is the deciding factor in your book cover design.

If your book and budget allow for illustrations know that each illustration is unique and no other cover will look exactly the same.

The book cover consists of the cover illustration which is usually the background of the book cover with the book title and the authors name. Our illustrators only provide illustration services. Title fonts are part of the layout and is a different service unless you communicated that the lettering is part of the illustration which is not usually done but can be.

The cover illustration gives the potential reader an idea of what to expect on the inside and entices them to purchase the book.

Even e-books or Kindle books with a well designed cover set them apart from the thousands of others in the marketplace.

Book Interior Illustration

Illustrations inside of your book can visually connect your reader to your story. One illustration can pull the reader in and engage them on a deeper level with your characters.

We can work with you to understand your expectations and your story to provide you with that perfect illustration.

What is the cost?

We charge by the illustration. The size of the illustration you want on page, the type of illustration and quantity of illustrations will affect the price.

Small illustrations start at $75. We are not a good fit if you are looking for the cheapest illustrator. We want to build a relationship and get to know your characters and understand your concept. With that, we will deliver a superior, unique illustration to fit your book.

Contact us to tell us about your story, your project and your vision and we will give you a quote.